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Surfs Up

The perfect beach getaway bag!!! This extra roomy tote is great for packing up all your essentials for the perfect beach getaway.  For a limited time and only at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores you can find this extra-cute bag!!!!! 

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Now that’s one sexy stud!!!!

Every fashionista at one point in her life fantasizes about being a rock star...or that could just be me.  Ladies you know I'm all about finding a deal does 30% sound...I don't know today must be a 30% off day...So for the rock star within...I present to you...THE STUD....And of course at one of… Continue reading Now that’s one sexy stud!!!!

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So sweet

It's just darling a mix of materials in this adorable super-girly necklace from no other than DESIGNER OF THE YEAR (drum roll please) Marc Jacobs and aptly named Sweetie Mackenzie know you want it.Both are available for 30% off the original price at one of my favorite websites  Here are the direct links.For… Continue reading So sweet