We Need to Talk About Glossier’s New Foundation

Medium deep skin tone wearing Glossier Stretch Fluid foundation in shade Deep 1

Yes, I know it’s been a while. The main thing is that I’m back. It’s been a hectic six or so months, I’ve moved, I’m in a new position at work that has been both challenging and fulfilling, and while I’ve been trying new things—your girl has been stretched thin. That being said, I felt that it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t give you the real tea on Glossier’ new addition to their makeup line—the new Stretch Fluid foundation.

For years Glossier has been known (positively or negatively depending on who you ask) for their skin tint. Again, depending on who you ask this was either a heaven sent or not product that changed the way we thought of complexion product. I was kind of torn in my opinion because for me it depended on the state of my skin at the time. Naturally, when they announced that they were launching an actual foundation that was meant to  compliment their Stretch Concealer, I already knew I was going to purchase it because the Stretch concealer is one of my favorite products from the line.

Unlike most foundations that have been released over the past few years, this foundation doesn’t have crazy 24-hour+ wear time claims or an overload of skincare claims. Does it include skincare benefits? Absolutely, but the focus is how it makes the skin look and feel. What this foundation offers is a beginner to pro appeal. It offers light-to-medium coverage that is comfortable and will wear for up to 12 hours which is all you really need. Initially I bought the wrong shade because I was matching depth instead of undertone. Ultimately I went deeper and when used with the right concealer (in this case the Stretch concealer, although it also works with my other concealer favorites) it wore like a dream.

This foundation has a natural finish that doesn’t require it to be used in combination of other helpers, but if you are inclined to do a full beat, it works well there as well. I’ve found myself using this as my everyday foundation and after the compliments I received today when I went into the office, I’d say they are on to something.

Medium deep skin tone wearing Glossier Stretch Fluid foundation in shade Deep 1

It is skin-perfecting and unlike their skin tint the formula is thicker than expected, yet surprisingly light when applied to the skin. It will last a full workday without touch-ups, making it combo skin friendly. When I did touch up a light dusting of setting powder (I used my Kosas Cloud Set pressed setting powder in Softly) it extended the wear for another four hours. So in my opinion this is a day-to-night foundation. It has a natural finish (which is totally on trend) and in my opinion making it a year round product. What skin type would I recommend this for? If you have dry to combo-oily skin,I truly believe that this foundation would be a great addition to your makeup routine.

Have you tried the new Stretch Fluid foundation? What are your thoughts? Also, if you want to see more of what I’ve been into beauty and fashion wise head over to my Instagram and especially watch my stories where I’m featuring my current faves.

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