What I Wore to the Office After Working From Home for 2-1/2 Years

Two weeks ago I got an email invite from my boss. The invite said that the entire team would be going into the office just for that one day. Ever since the start of the pandemic I have been working from home—like really working from home. It’s a rare occasion for me to even turn on my camera (I only do it when I have my 1-on-1 touch base with my boss). I didn’t think much about it but before I knew it, the next morning I would have a 45-minute commute to the office. I thought about taking an Uber to work but after a look at the price during rush hour, I decided to be brave and get on public transportation (if you live in NYC, you understand). That wasn’t even the hard part. For the first time I had to put together a work outfit.

I mean sure I get dressed to go out but a work fit? I had to remember what that was like. I’ve only ever seen my team members on zoom calls (when they decide to turn on their cameras). It wasn’t until that moment that I remembered how much I used to like putting together an outfit for work. Truth be told, I shop a lot—but that should come as no surprise. I bought a few transitional and staple items for the fall and since I am fortunate to be creative with what I wear to work, I just went for it.

As per my previous post you know I’m really into the prepcore trend and this blazer (no longer available) from the Banana Republic’s BR Athletic line is definitely one of my favorites. I paired it with my new favorite jean from Citizens of Humanity. The cropped wide curved leg paired with the structured blazer gave the look an edgy feel. Pairing the blazer with a linen shirt  and some statement sneakers (an Ivy Park throwback) seemed like a good idea. I really like how this came out.

Who knows I might decide to pop into the office once a month just so that I can put together a fit like this—don’t quote me on that.

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    • It’s so good but unfortunately sold out. They have a new color way for this season but I would wait until it goes on sale

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