Defend, Nourish & Glow – 3 Facial Mists You Need Right Now

Now that we live in a WFH world and most of us have settled into wearing less makeup on camera (if you’re the type to turn your camera on), you probably want to look refreshed all day. One way to achieve that is by using a facial spray throughout the day for a nourished, hydrated look and feel to your skin. Here are three facial mists that you need right now to  reset, refresh, and recharge your skin.

Peach & Lily Glass Skin Veil Mist

I love using this in the morning right after my toner to act as a base for my other hydrating products. As the name of the product suggest it leaves the skin feeling hydrated with a glow that is dewy but not oily. You can use this throughout the day but I prefer it as part of my morning skincare routine to get that morning glow.

INNBeauty Project Power Up Face Mist

I wrote about this brand a few posts back (click here) and I am happy to report that this is my favorite nighttime mist. I actually use this as the last step in my nighttime routine because the dual phase formula the moringa and ginger root oil, help nourish my skin sealing in my serums and night cream basically guaranteeing supple skin by the morning.

Tula Antioxidant Water Purifying Toner Face Mist

Launched at the beginning of the month, this face mist is basically my desk buddy. It provides blue-light and antioxidant protection, making it the useful both indoors and outdoors. I pretty much have this in my purse at all times when I’m out and about. Like the other two, this can be worn under or over makeup.

Here are a few other honorable mentions at more affordable prices:

Pixi Glow Mist

Hylamide Pore Flush

Kaja Mist Me

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