The Best Cleansing Balm for Beginners

I have found the best cleansing balm for beginners or anyone who hates double cleansing.  If you’re looking for an effective cleansing oil to aid with removing your makeup and SPF. The Juno & Co. Clean 10 Cleansing balm is an effective cleansing balm that breaks down makeup and sunscreen and rinses off without any residue or leaving the skin feeling dehydrated. I started using cleansing balms regularly about two years ago and during that time I’ve tried a few from drugstore and high-end brands and reviewed them here.

juno clean 10 cleansing balm

What’s to Love

What I really like about this cleansing balm is the the texture. It’s formulated with vitamin E to nourish the skin and Japanese pearl barley. Japanese pearl barley has a source of vitamins and antioxidants in order to help regulate the skin’s melanin production. This ingredient brightens the skin’s complexion and reduces dark spots. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, adding this to your cleansing routine will help. The balm instantly melts into an oil but is creamy enough so it’s not dripping down your arms. It breaks down the makeup in one to two minutes and rinses off cleanly leaving the skin feeling nourished and ready for your second cleanse.

We often think that cleansing balms are for makeup removal. While this is true, cleansing balms/oils also help to break up sunscreen which we wear (or should be wearing) everyday. This cleansing balm is also non-comedogenic so it will not clog your pores and will not cause breakouts. As someone who wears makeup a few times a week and also as someone who wears sunscreen daily, the price point for this product is so affordable and you get a lot of product for only $15. You also need very little so you will get a lot of uses. It comes with a spatula that fits securely under the pull tab to keep bacteria out of the product. It is for all of these reasons why I feel that this is truly the best cleansing balm for beginners.

About the brand

What’s also good to note is that Juno & Co. has other skincare products that are underrated. I feel like when we think of them as a brand we tend to think of the velvet sponge but they actually have several skincare products that are also worth trying. One of my favorites is the Facecalm CBD Soothing Mask.  I love using the mask after using a chemical exfoliant to calm and soothe my skin. When I remove the mask, my skin feels nourished and hydrated and there is no residue left behind. It is compatible with the rest of my routine and I highly recommend it. I’m intrigued by their Kale No More Pore Clay Mask and will most likely be purchasing that one once I run out of my other clay masks. 

What products have you tried from Juno & Co.? Leave a comment below!

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