What To Expect Even When You’re Not Expecting – Summer Fridays Baby Moon Belly Balm

It’s winter y’all. Even with most of us spending more time indoors (possibly with the heat on for most of the day) our skin may still be going through it. Now when I say skin, I’m not talking about facial skin—I’m talking about the skin from the neck down. Surely, I’m not the only one who experiences drier skin in the colder months, but this winter has been especially harsh. The first thing I did was to buy a humidifier and decreased the temperature in my apartment. That did work but certain parts of my body were still dry (especially my heel and elbows).

When I first heard that Summer Fridays was launching their first body product, I was intrigued. Although marketed for expecting mothers, the ingredients spoke to me. Formulated without water, this blend of oils including calendula and avocado oils melt into the skin and protects the skins barrier leaving it supple and hydrated. I would imagine that for expecting mothers this combination would help soothe stretched skin and alleviate tightness. Although I am not expecting, I was sure that this would aid with my parched skin. Basically there are two ways that I like to use this. In the morning after my shower, I go in with my regular body butter and then as a way to lock in the moisture, I use a small amount of this (a little goes a long way). On the first day I used this, I was surprised to find that my legs and heels felt hydrated and looked radiant. To my surprise there was no greasy residue after application. During the day, this also makes for a great hand cream. I keep one on my desk (yes, I bought two) during the day and use once or twice a day to moisturize in between my fingers.

I really enjoy this product and I bought two tubes because I thought it was going to be a limited-edition product. I really hope that this becomes a permanent product in their line and I am looking forward to what’s next in body care from the brand. The Babymoon Belly Balm is sold exclusively on the Summer Fridays site. Click here to purchase.

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