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I May Have Gone Overboard and I Don’t Regret It: Sephora VIB Event Haul & Recommendations

Today is the last day of the Sephora ViB event and if you’re still thinking about picking up a few things (or all the things) then here’s a few (okay, a lot) of stuff you might want to get your hands on. If I’m being honest, this is probably the biggest Sephora haul I’ve done in a year and I don’t regret a single purchase. The only thing that I found quite surprising is that this haul was makeup heavy and it’s usually the other way around for me. Some of these products are new to my collection while others are items I pickup every VIB event. Because I picked up so many things I’m just going to list them and you can see if it’s something that peaks your interest. Trust me everything here is worth the coin.


When it came to makeup the one category that I have become with has been eyeshadow and anything that will enhance the look of my lashes. I’m still into complexion as well, but the eyes are the stars of the show since we’re all wearing masks. However, new to me was the Charlotte Tilbury



Skincare is my favorite category but surprisingly for this VIB event, I found that I only picked up a few things. Two were new and the others were either replenishing of some of my favorites that I’ve talked about over and over again. Cleansers, toners and exfoliators were my main focus for this sale and I got my hands on some really good ones. If you’re like me and brave enough to dermaplane your face at home, the Level Setter razors from the Sephora Collection are fantastic.


As today is the last day, you might want to head over to your local Sephora or better yet, head over to their site where you can also find some online exclusives that you may have had your eyes on. Have you already purchased from the Sephora during the VIB event? Share your favorites in the comments below and be on the lookout for my full reviews on some of the new products that I purchased during the event.

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