H&M Quietly Collabed With 2 Luxury Labels While We Were Sheltering In Place

H&M has been quietly been collaborating with some luxury labels with not so much as a peep. It just so happened that last night I was randomly browsing online for Fall wardrobe updates and I stumbled upon not one, but two collections from H&M that I immediately fell in love with. The collections invoked a classic easiness that I love during that transition period between Summer and Fall and I could not resist.

Sandra Mansour


With the exception of the hooded sweatshirt (something I will be living in this fall while working from home) this collection is like a victorian dream. The collection includes dreamy tulle pieces (y’all know I love me a tulle anything) and delicate sheer dresses and tops that can be paired with more rustic pieces for a modern vintage look and I am here for all of it.

Giuliva Heritage


If there’s one thing that Giuliva Heritage does well is menswear for women. From pinstripe double-breasted suites to full wool pants, outside of Ralph Lauren they have mastered the tailoring of these pieces so that it flatters women. I was absolutely thrilled to see that H&M is collaborating with a brand that I always dreamed of owning but my bank account reminded me that at this time it’s not in the cards for me. So here came H&M to change that and I am buying every piece pictured here. You can’t stop me. Shawl collared blouses, double-breasted blazers and knife-pleated skirts have become staples for me over the past few years and I will be adding these to my collection.

H&M if you’re reading this, I need you to promote these questions a little more. Like send me a text message or something because a girl is trying to update her fall wardrobe to wear on Zoom/Teams meeting calls. Please and thank you!

What do you think of these two collections? Will you be purchasing any of these. Shop the items featured above below.



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