Four New Beauty Products Worth Your Coin

Two posts in as many days? You guys deserve it. While in still in quarantine (sort of) I’m taking the time to try out some really amazing products and I’ve rounded up four beauty products that you’ll love for the summer (or what’s left of it) and that you can take right into your fall routine—even if that means just getting glam to go the living room.

Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Lipsticks – There’s something so youthful about a shiny pout. When Fenty launched their Poutsicle lipsticks, I wasn’t really interested because the colors didn’t seem to work for me. I was however, intrigued by the shine of those lipsticks and hoped that they would release shades that were more everyday friendly. Looks like my wish was granted. If you’re looking for a semi-sheer shiny lipstick then this is it. I was presently surprised that there was a fair amount of nude shades. My favorite of the bunch ironically is Quartz Candy. It wears like a lip balm but with the high shine of a lipgloss. My next favorite is Cookies & Cocoa which I find to be the most brown-girl friendly nude of the bunch (although the rest of the nudes are also brown-girl friendly). Some of the shades have a subtle shimmer that will complement any look you are going for. Granted they don’t last that long on the lips but because of the formula, reapplying is like reapplying a lip balm so you don’t have to be as precise or require a mirror. In the photo below I am wearing Cookies & Cocoa.


Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum – I have been patiently waiting to try this serum. I was especially intrigued because this is a vitamin c brightening serum that is also designed to target hyperpigmentation. I’ve been using this for about three weeks and I stated in my previous post, this is a really good serum. A lightweight gel that will layer well with your other skincare, this is a serum that is highly effective and especially for those of us with deeper skin tones. To read my full thoughts on this serum click here.


Lip Bar Lip Gloss in Dream Chaser – For a long time I never wore metallic lip glosses because I never liked the way they applied to my lips. They either didn’t apply evenly or would wear off in patches and I would have to remember to apply every five minutes. Then a couple of years ago, I stumbled upon The Lip Bar and bought one of their glosses.Since then I have amassed quite a lipgloss collection from the brand. I have basically all of their opaque nude glosses as well some of their shimmer formulas. What I love about these glosses is that they are not silky not sticky. The colors apply with no skipping and even when the color wears off, it’s never patchy but rather a gradual fade. You can reapply with or without a mirror. This is one of their more metallic shades but it’s extremely wearable and works on a variety of skin tones. It has a pinkish purple base with subtle gold shimmer that doesn’t feel gritty. Definitely a color I would repurchase – I mean just look:


Danessa Myricks Light Work II Palette – These are honestly the smoothest highlighters I have ever seen or used on my life. But of course coming from Danessa Myricks, I expected this. This latest edition to her lineup is probably my favorite. First, there are two versions of this palette—One for light to medium skin tones and one for dark to deep skin tones. Each palette has six shades that melt nto the skin leaving the most ethereal glow you have ever seen. I mean, am I glowing or what?


Shop the products above by using the below links.

Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Lipsticks

Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum

Lip Bar Lip Gloss in Dream Chaser

Danessa Myricks Light Work II Palette

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