6 Things I Was Mildly Obsessed With For July 2020

How is it already August? If I’m being honest, I didn’t try a bunch of new things in July, but there were a few products that launched and a drink I discovered that I pretty much used or consumed every day in July.


Natasha Denona Bronze Eyeshadow Palette – I really enjoy this palette. While some may look at this as a basic palette, there are a myriad of looks that you can create with this palette. You can get really fancy and use multiple shades or you can take one shade and just blend it through the crease and it can elevate your look. The quality of the shadows are really impressive and as far as her midi-size palettes are concerned, this is by far my favorite. This palette works on almost every skin tone and the textures are easy to blend. I personally enjoy the shade curation of this palette and if you are someone who wears mostly neutral to warm tone shadows, this might be a good one to add to your collection and the price point is great at $65 for 15 shades.

Mented Cosmetics Sunkissed Bronzer – I was so excited to get this bronzer. I’e been using the gloss, lip pencil and lipstick (all of which are great by the way), so I anticipated that the bronzer formula would be great. As far as the shade selection goes, there are only 4 shades (currently), however because the formula is light and buildable, I feel like you can build these up without them looking patchy. The shade I wear is Yacht Life which is the third shade and the only one that has a tiny bit of shimmer that is barely noticeable when applied and actually gives your skin that sun kissed look. You also get quite a bit of product for the price. For 10 grams the cost is $22 which is actually very good when you consider that the NARS Bronzing Powder (also one of my favorites) is 6 grams for $38 or the Anastatia Bronzing Powder that has 10 grams for $28. The packaging is extremely sleek making it ideal for dropping into your purse without being bulky.

Hyperskin Vitamin C Serum – I’ve been trying out this serum for about three weeks daily and I really like it. I always incorporate a vitamin C serum in my daytime skincare routine as an all over serum but with this particular serum I decided to use this as a target serum. In general, my skin is pretty even except for my pesky chin where I on occasion get hormonal acne which has left me with a couple of dark spots. One of the claims is the that this serum will clear dark spots. I have seen some improvement over the past week. The standout ingredients were also what drew me in because in addition to 15% vitamin C, it also contains vitamin E and turmeric. From what I have experienced with these two products they nourish and help to brighten the skin so that combination of ingredients made it promising. The only downside is that that there is only .5 fl. oz of product. As far as pricing goes it’s slightly higher than Summer Friday’s CC Me serum but I think that if you have a deeper skin tone like myself, you might prefer Hyperskin. I feel like the fading of dark spots is noticeable after a few weeks of use (I only use it in the morning and I have seen a difference). Also, you don’t need a lot since a little goes a long way. In short, I am pretty sure that this is a product that I will be repurchasing.

Lilly Lashes Power Liner & Velour Lash & Go Lash Eyeliner & Adhesive Hybrid – I had to put both of these products together because they are both equally as good and serve the same purpose. I’ve always wanted to be the person that can easily apply false lashes. Sometimes just adding a lash can elevate your makeup look and now for those of us that might be a little lash-challenged. I do find that the Lilly Lashes Power Liner might be the preferred option with someone who is not an expert at liquid liner because it is a marker style liner that is easier to control in the hand and there is more playtime when it comes to placing the lash on your lash line. Both formulas work great as liquid eyeliners making them great 2-for-1 products.

Bon Viv Spiked Seltzer – Listen this is a classic case of being influenced by the influencer. I love a good sparkling water. San Pellegrino all day in my household. I actually found out about this by watching Kathleen Lights. It’s so refreshing on a hot summer day and though this may not the best way to drink water seeing how there’s a little bit of alcohol (roughly about 4%) it does quench my thirst. They come in a variety of flavors and my favorites are the mango and the black cherry.

So, there you have it my July favorites. What were some of your favorites for the month of July? Leave a comment down below and remember it doesn’t have to be a beauty product as this blog is a lifestyle blog so we like all things here. Also, if you haven’t been following me on Instagram head over to @seetouchtaste. I post things that are not always on the blog and it’s just a good time. Until next time.

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