March Beauty Favorites

Can you believe we’re already in April. With all that has been going on in the world, it’s hard to imagine that there were actual beauty releases. Some of these dropped right before the quarantine but a couple of these dropped, or re-launched towards the end of the month. In these uncertain times it’s important to note that while sharing what’s new in the beauty/fashion world, I am by no means forcing anyone to buy these products. That being said, let’s jump right into it.


First Aid Beauty Weightless Mineral Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide SPF 30

We may not be getting out as much as we would like to these days, but that doesn’t mean that sun protection is not as important. If you’re like me, you may be working from home and might be sitting in your home office space that probably gets a lot of natural light. Well I got news for you, unless you have UV blocking windows, you’re still susceptible to sun damage. What I really like about this sunscreen is that for a physical sunscreen it is not ashy and blends quickly into the skin without leaving that purple sheen.

Artist Couture Silk Cream Lipstick

Did we really need another nude? Probably not. Currently, my favorite nude lipstick is Natasha Denona’s I Need A Nude in Sami. This nude collection from Artist Couture is equally as good and at a better price point. I actually have been looking for a more pinky-nude and this was it. It was extremely smooth and had great staying power.


Farsali 24K Moisturizing Gel Cream

I’m always down to try a new gel moisturizer. With my combo-oily skin gel moisturizers are my favorite for during the day. I love how they absorb into the skin and leave you with hydrated and dewy skin. This moisturizer really caught my eye because of the ingredients. It contains rosehip seed oil, hyaluronic acid and pumpkin seed oil—leaving you with protected and hydrated skin. I will say that there is quite a bit of fragrance to this product. It also wears really well under primer, which leads me to my next new beauty favorite.

Tatcha Liquid Silk Canvas Primer

This is the Tatcha primer I have been waiting for. While it seems like just about everyone loves the original Silk Canvas primer, I was not a fan. I found that there was always a white cast when I used the original putty primer and if I was wearing the a foundation that had SPF the white cast was even more noticeable. I recently used this under my foundation last week and I really liked the finish. I’m going to continue to use this and I’m curious to see how this will wear after a long day outside (whenever outside opens back up).


Pat McGrath Labs Blitz Astral Quad

While this is technically not a new launch for March, the Blitz Astral Quads were re-promoted and so I did pick up the one quad that I didn’t purchase during the first launch was Nocturnal Nirvana. These quads feature the special formulas that she features in her 10-pan palettes. If you’re looking for shadows that will give you a dramatic effect, these quads are it.They are incredibly smooth and will add that dazzle moment.


So there it is guys, my beauty picks from the month of March. Were there any products or new launches that you loved last month? If so, drop a comment below. Until next time, stay safe!

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