Name A Better Duo (Or Trio): Serum Combos to Address All Your Skin Concerns

When it comes to serums, there are so many out there that it can become overwhelming. Of course I’ve tried dozens of serums and some of them are great and others have been  nothing more than hype. To complicate things even further, the layering of serums gets even more overwhelming. What serums can be layered for maximum results? Are the ingredients in these serums compatible with each other. Trust me, I’ve tried so many combinations with both good and bad results. Here are three serum combos that effectively tackle most skin concerns.


Vichy Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum Moisturizer Daily Skin Booster &    Eye Treatment

If your main skin concern is dehydrated looking skin, then this is the duo for you. The face serum made with just 11 ingredients contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin to attract and retain moisture in the skin. The non-greasy formula absorbs quickly an preps skin for the rest of your skincare routine. Like the face serum, the eye treatment contains 89% Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water, Natural Origin Hyaluronic Acid for intense hydration along with caffeine for a well-rested look. This duo works for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Sweet Chef Skincare Serum Shot Bundle

From the founders of cult favorite comes Sweet Chef Skincare, a moderately priced K-beauty brand that combines potent vitamins and veggies that can be layered or used alone to target most skin concerns and helps to hydrate, smooth and brighten your skin. Of the three the Ginger + Vitamin C serum shot is my favorite because it gives your skin an amazing glow while treating blemishes and hyperpigmentation. The Beet + Vitamin A  serum shot aids with smoothing rough skin, refine pores and minimizes the signs of aging. The Kale + Vitamin B serum shot hydrates and soothes tired, dull skin. If you have combo skin, this might be the the serum pairing for you. You can either mix two or all of them for a serum cocktail or target specific areas of your face. The serums are also available for individual sale at $20 each and can also be found at Target.

Urban Skin Rx Dark Spot Rapid Repair Retinol Treatment &                                                  Even Tone Super Glow Serum

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you definitely have heard of Urban Skin Rx. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation or uneven texture and are a woman of color, this is the brand for you. I was first introduced to the brand by the Face Flawless Skin team five years ago. I started using their cleansing bars and have been using them ever since.  These two products from the brand paired along with the any of the three cleansing bars that they offer will basically guarantee even glowing skin. Don’t believe me, just check out the skin of the Face Flawless Skin #glowgetter team.

Have you tried any of these serums. What are your favorites? Currently, I’m trying a new serum so that I can report to you how effective it is and what skin concerns it addresses. Stay tuned!


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