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Okay, it’s been a full week since the launch of Glossier’s new brand, Glossier Play. On launch day, similar to the Phase 1 set when they first launched the Glossier brand, they made a kit available where you can try one of each product along with two beauty tools for $60. Not bad, so I thought I might as well pick it up. Included in the kit were the following items:

Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencil (your choice of 14 shades)

Vinylic Lip High Shine Lacquer (your choice of 6 shades)

Niteshine Highlighter Concentrate (your choice of 4 shades)

Glitter Gelée – (your choice of 4 shades)

The Blade –  Pencil Sharpener

The Detailer –  Silicone Precision Multitool


Over the past week, I tried all of the products and here are my thoughts:

Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencil in Brack

This is the softest gel eyeliner I have ever used. I can tightline with ease and the color payoff is amazing. I thought it would smudge over the day because the formula literally glides like butter, but it stayed put all day. The Blade, the pencil sharpener that is also part of this kit is made of excellent quality and it also comes with a sharpener cleaner which is an added bonus and priced at $4 it is superior to most sharpeners that price range. If you do not have a good pencil sharpener then investing in this tool may not be a bad idea.

Verdict: Get this one 

Price: $15

Vinylic Lip High Shine Lacquer in Bank

I have never been a fan of cushion tip lip applicators. I just feel that they can get messy, the color payoff is never what it should be, but this one was different. It applied so smoothly and evenly giving me a good amount of pigment. A couple of swipes and you have a can achieve a full coverage glossy finish. Unlike most lip lacquers, this one was not sticky—it felt really moisturizing on the lips. Now as far as the wear goes, I did notice that this does wear off, but not in a bad way. After my lunch the rich pigment was gone, but there was still a wash of color on my lips that resembles a stain. So basically, if you don’t reapply you won’t be looking crazy out in these streets.

Verdict: Get this too

Price: $16

Niteshine Highlighter Concentrate in Molten Umber

This is the highlighter of my dreams. If Glossier Lid Star and Haloscope head a baby, this would be it. This is truly lit from within. First of all, the packaging is amazing. I love the doe foot applicator that you can either glide onto the skin or dot for more precision. The intensity is buildable and never cakey. The color selection works great on all skin tones (FYI: I’m going to get them all). I also layered this with Lidstar in Herb on my eyes, and I love the way it looks. It highlighted my lids and when I applied Lidstar over it, the gentle wash of shimmer gave me such a winning look, my only regret is that I have no photo to show you but I will definitely be wearing that combo again, so you might want to check out my Instagram stories in the near future to see all of the color combos of Lidstar and Niteshine that I will be pairing.

Verdict: Get your life together and get this one

Price: $20

Glitter Gelée in Firewalk

I don’t know how to feel about this product. I want to love it, find a home for it in my makeup stash, but I think this one will have to grow on me. I usually go for softer eye looks and I feel that it’s very easy for it to go really bad. There’s not a lot of product for the price, but you also need very little because the glitter particles are large and vary in size. In my opinion this has to be used with The Detailer in order for this to be applied to fit my look. The Detailer, however is a great tool. Not only can it be used to apply the Glitter Gelée, it is also great for applying or smudging bottom lash line eyeshadow for a beautiful smoky eye look. At $6, this tool is worth the money.

Verdict: Eh. But do get The Detailer.

Price: $14


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