3 New Mascaras That I Can Actually Get Behind


It’s been a while since I really invested in any new mascaras. I mean, I’ve pretty much been happy with Benefit’s Bad Gal Bang and IT Cosmetics Superhero as those two seemed to have the right brush to lengthen even my tiny corner lashes. Recently, I came across three mascaras that impressed me and since I’ve started using them, I can’t stop. I usually go for mascaras that give me length but lately I’ve also been wanting more volume. These mascaras fulfill both of my wants and to top it off each one of these has a dose of innovation that can take your lashes to the next level.

The Sky’s the Limit: Wander Beauty Mile High Club

I received this as part of my February Allure Beauty Box. The packaging is actually interesting to me because it comes in a squeezable tube similar to that of a lipgloss. The brush was also interesting. It was a skinny densely-packed natural fiber brush that wasn’t cone shaped. It coated my inner corner lashes nicely, really separated and fanned out my outer lashes, ultimately giving the appearance of wider eyes for a doe-eyed effect.

Price: $26

The Illusionist: Pat McGrath FetishEyes™

Listen, I don’t have thick lashes, but you wouldn’t know it if I wore this mascara everyday. This mascara literally creates an optical illusion without any clumping or flaking. With barely any spacing between the bristles, the formula of this mascara is amazing. It’s like it creates lashes where there were none. It’s thick, but not clumpy. I did feel the formula on my lashes when I first applied it, but once it dried it was completely weightless. After it dried, I expected my lashes to feel dry and flaky, but it was not. It is totally buildable so layer it on. On top of that, it’s pretty much the blackest formula you will ever find. For me, this is the mascara for thick, fluffy lashes. It does give a some length, but this mascara is all about the volume. Regardless of your lash type, this mascara will make a difference.

Price: $28

The MUA: L’Oreal Unlimited

This is the everyday mascara. What makes this mascara special is not so much the brush or formula as much as it is the flexibility of the handle. You ever notice that no matter what mascara MUAs use, they always seem to get every lash to look perfect on their clients. Or why they may prefer disposable mascara wands that they can bend and discard. What if you had a wand that was able to bend like that and made it so easy for even a makeup newbie coat every lash like a pro? That is the beauty of this mascara. The brush bends a full 90 degrees, making it easy to get to bottom and corner lashes while the formula provides great lift and length. It also makes it easier to apply for perfectly symmetrical lashes.

Price: $12

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