Glossier Dropped a Mascara and Here Are My Thoughts

So as many of you know Glossier recently dropped their first mascara, Lash Slick and we can all collectively breathe a sigh of relief. For a while it seemed like it was the one thing that was missing from their impressive line up. But alas, they have blessed us—or have they. Like most of Glossier’s launches, I waited a couple of days before I bought it just to see what the reviews would be like. I’m always a little skeptical about first impressions, especially within the first couple of days. Even after I bought it, I still waited before actually trying it. When I first bought it, I examined everything from the packaging to the applicator—right down to the formula. Working in the beauty industry, I see A LOT of mascaras and by a lot I mean A LOT! I was just starting to use Benefit’s Bad Gal Bang and Milk Makeup Kush Mascara and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by yet another mascara launch. But this was Glossier, so I had to try it.

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First thing that I noticed was the packaging. True to Glossier’s aesthetic it was a sleek, minimalistic package with the the embossed Glossier logo on the cap. The weight of the packaging was substantial. Next, I examined the brush. To my surprise, the applicator was very much like Benefit Bad Gal Bang. The only difference was the brush was a bit stiffer, which was actually a plus. With just a few pumps of the mascara the right amount of product is deposited onto the brush. Then it was time to try the formula. Unlike other mascaras this is neither a wet or dry mascara formula. It’s literally right in the middle. It’s wet enough to be evenly distributed on every lash without clumping. The formula contains small fibers that wrap around each lash creating somewhat of a tube around each lash. It kind of reminds me of blinc mascara which used to be one of my favorites. It definitely lifts and curls your lashes. The results are not dramatic, but they are very favorable. Glossier kept true to their brand identity by making sure the this product kept giving your lashes a boost but also making sure that your lashes still looked like your lashes—only better. In my opinion this is a great everyday mascara that you could also layer with a volumizing mascara if you wanted a little extra drama. The truth is no one mascara is going to give you length, curl and volume no matter what they claim. At best you’ll get two out of three and even that can be a tall order to fill, but Glossier’s Lash Slick will give you a solid two out of three—length and lift. Would I buy this again? Yes, I definitely would and at a $16 price point it is well worth the spend.

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