#ManeAttraction: Curly Sue


Those of you who know me know that my signature hairstyle are loose waves. This weekend I was kind of forced to go outside of my comfort zone when my hair order was incorrect. I swear to you I ordered the loose wave extensions, but what came in was anything but loose.



When my hairdresser sent me a picture of what came in, I have to tell you, I WAS NOT READY! First of all, it wasn’t just curly—it was SUPER CURLY. But I just closed my eyes and trusted the process. My main concern is that I wouldn’t be able to maintain the hair and that in a couple of days it would look a hot, frizzy mess. That aside, I have a small head so I could also look like a bobble head. However, after it was installed I found that I liked it. With a little help from my hairdresser I received a quick lesson on how to care for curly hair.

It’s no secret that H²0 is your best friend when having curly hair as it not only hydrates but aids in detangling. If you must blow dry, do use a diffuser. Another tip is to NEVER, EVER style your curls when your hair is dry. I basically used my fingers to style my hair. Now that I know the basics, the next thing was to find curl products that wouldn’t result in a ton of buildup and keep my hair soft to the touch and shiny without looking greasy. This was going to be a lot of trial and hopefully, no error.


This week. I am trying three products from Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture. They had this great kit that had three curl styling products.


My favorite product so far is the Curl Defining Milk. It’s heavy but not so heavy that it weighs the hair down or manipulates the natural curl pattern. It’s also really great at detangling. I used this when my hair was towel dried and used my fingers to detangle

The Curl Refresher Mist is also a great product. It is also lightweight and it claims to help with fighting frizz. I finished with a couple of drops of the Coconut Oil (which smells amazing by the way). Today I threw my hair up in a ponytail mostly because it was rainy.  If you want to see how I style my hair everyday for the next week, follow the journey on Instagram @seetouchtaste. Until next time, always remember to SEE. TOUCH. TASTE.


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