Fountain of Youth: Facial Mists and Why You Need Them

Over the past couple of months, I’ve really been focusing on hydration. No matter your skin type, keeping your skin hydrated is key to healthy skin. We know that it’s important to drink good ol’ H20, and while drinking water plays a role in keeping your skin hydrated, how many of us struggle with drinking a gallon of water everyday? Facial waters/mists are the perfect way to get the hydration and skincare ingredients you need and the you will see the results much quicker – because honestly, with busy schedules who has that type of time to be counting ounces?

Facial waters/mists will keep your skin hydrated and can be used under or over makeup or alone. With the aid of science facial waters/mists have evolved. They not only hydrate but are often infused with key skincare ingredients that will leave you looking fresh even on the most strenuous of days.


On days when I actually get up in time to go for a run, I’ll spritz my face with the Vichy Eau Thermale mineral water before putting on SPF. My face which usually overheats when running remains cool and refreshed while running.

At night, I’ve been gravitating to Ole Henricksen’s Nurture Me™ facial water (now called Pure Nurture™). I use it at night because it is packed with nutrients and nighttime is when I choose to nurture my skin. For me, I use right after cleansing before using my desired treatment and moisturizer.

I have saved my favorite facial mist for last. Ever since I purchased the Origins GinZing™ Energy-boosting treatment lotion mist, I use it every single morning. It’s like a venti cup of coffee for your face. At first the name through me off because this is clearly not a lotion. Here’s why it is key – if you swear by witch-hazel, this might be the facial mist for you. It contains the astringent properties of witch hazel, but then has the energy boost of ginseng and coffee to visibly awaken tired skin. When you combine that with the hydrating and anti-inflammatory power of pomegranate, you can see why this mist is especially beneficial for to your skincare routine. On top of that it’s oil-free so you can use it under or over makeup.


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