Soo Ae Sheet Masks: Your Weapon Against the Harsh Winter Weather

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself at Club Clio in search of protection against the harsh elements of NYC winter weather.  I had already procured the most hydrating cleansers, serums and moisturizers and was now in search of a good sheet mask that I could use every night or every other night that would protect me against the forecast for the following morning. I walked in and explained to the beauty advisors what I was looking for and lo and behold there was an entire display with Soo Ae sheet masks that provided armor against whatever skin concern the weather could throw my way. My main concerns were hydration and moisture followed by brightening and calming. I expected that I wouldn’t find masks for all of these concerns – how wrong I was. There was literally a mask for every possible problem I mentioned. I have used sheet masks in the past and they’re great but when you’re trying to use them all the time on a daily basis they can become a little expensive. Surprisingly, these sheet masks were extremely affordable at only $2 in-store. Click here for directions to the store located in Union Square. The masks retail for $3 online but still much cheaper than most sheet masks). What was even better was that if you purchased 10 masks you got 5 for free. That’s 15 masks for $20 0r roughly $1.33 per sheet mask. As I walked out I felt that I was ready for battle. I should also let you know that each of these masks contain collagen which can aid in keeping a youthful appearance. Here are the five formulas that I chose. To find out the benefits of each mask click here.



Now that you have chosen your weapons against the harsh weather, I dub thee Winter Warrior Defenders Beauty.


Take your pledge by repeating after me:

Dear Mother Nature,

We need to you know that we are NOT here for your harsh weather skin concerns that you seek to destroy our beauty with. We have banded together to combat everything you throw at us with these masks from Soo Ae. They are our shields against harsh winds, rain, snow and freezing temperatures. We have armed ourselves to the teeth and have a mask for everything and every night we will prepare ourselves for battle against you . Try as you might, the temperature change from Fall-like weather to sub-zero in the span of two days will have no affect on us. Whatever you try to use against us will prove to be an exercise in futility.


Winter Warrior Defenders of Beauty


With weapons such as these, winter does not stand a chance. You will of course have to use your other weapons as added protection and please do not forget SPF every morning. I do not care if it is 5 a.m. when you are leaving your apartment or if it is a blizzard outside. If the sun is out or will be out while you’re out, I’m going to need you to put on SPF (preferably SPF 30 or above). I actually found a great one from Nature’s Republic. Click here to purchase online. If you’re in the NYC and want to visit a Nature’s Republic store, click here for a list of locations.

You can also buy these masks in packs of 5 at Target. Click here to shop online or to find out if they are in stock at your local store.

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