Get Hydrated, Glowing Skin Just in Time for the Holidays

Can you believe that Christmas is literally 24 days from today? It’s like where did the year go? Just a few weeks ago we were wearing our light Fall jackets but now it’s time to bring out the heavier winter coats as the wind is ripping and the temperatures are dropping. There’s going to be a ton of holiday parties that you’re going to have to attend and you’re going to need that holiday glow. Every year I do a post on how I keep my skin hydrated throughout the winter. This year I’ve discovered a few new brands and products that I plan to use throughout the season to keep my skin hydrated. In case you missed it on Snapchat (@seetouchtaste1) here’s basically my nighttime skin routine.


Double cleansing – Currently I am using a cleansing balm and a gel cleanser so that I am able to retain moisture. The two products I am using are  Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm at and First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay. The cleansing balm is a gentle makeup remover and the red clay cleanser helps to draw out toxins and reduce excess sebum, improve skin texture and deep cleans pores.

Eye Treatments – I’m starting to notice some fine lines around the outer corners of my eyes. While getting some necessary items at Sephora I used my reward points to get Murad Eye Lift Firming Treatment. It claims to firm and tighten to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I’ve only used this once, but what I will say is that I definitely felt the firming effects. Used in conjunction with a good eye cream (my favorite happens to be Origins GinZing™ Refreshing Eye Cream, I hope to see a noticeable reduction in the appearance of the three fine lines that are trying to come through.

Face oils – I’m secretly in love with Korres Black Pine Active Firming Sleeping Oil. It’s lightweight but absorbs into the skin, prepping it for the rest of your nighttime skin routine. It’s comprised of 6 oils to nourish the skin that aid in increased elasticity and help smoothen your skin making it noticeably softer.

Sheet Masks – I’ve been on and off with sheet masks during the summer months, but now that it’s colder this has become a staple in my winter skincare regimen. The reason for this is because it provides immediate hydration and there’s basically a sheet mask for every skin concern. My favorite right now is Too Cool for School Egg Cream Mask Hydration but there are other masks in the collection that address your skin concerns. The masks use egg whites which is a major ingredient in Korean beauty. I don’t care how oily your skin is – trust me during the colder months even those of us with the oiliest of skin can sometimes develop dry patches. It doesn’t matter how much water you drink, ( the harsh weather can strip your skins natural moisture leaving you with rough skin. I try to sheet mask at least twice a week to replenish some of the hydration that is lost.

Overnight Treatment – Right now I’m all about Glamglow Dreamduo™ Overnight Transforming Treatment. This is an overnight treatment that claims to give you the “I woke up like this” glow prepping the skin for your morning skincare and makeup routine. The first step is fortified with coffee and green tea leaf teaoxil and the second step is fortified with hyaluronic acid which helps to plump the skin and give you that glow. I’ve been using this for about three solid weeks and it’s kind of amazing. Your skin will feel soft to the touch. In the morning I would recommend using a gentle cleanser like the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser.

See any of your favorites? Let me know in the comments. Have any other products that work for you? Sharing is caring!

Until next time, don’t forget to always SEE. TOUCH. TASTE.

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