Olay® Regenerist® – The 3 Products You Need to Have in Your Beauty Routine

Over the past year, I’ve been talking a lot about the Olay® Regenerist® line. Listen gals, you know I love my prestige brands, but Olay® has really been giving some of the prestige brands a run for their money. Of all of the skincare lines within the brand Regenerist® is really worth the money. I’ve tried 5 of their products and today I’m going to give my review of my three favorite skincare products from the line.

  1. OLAY® REGENERIST® LUMINOUS BRIGHTENING CREAM CLEANSER I’m a big fan of this cleanser for a few reasons. First of all, I really do love a cream cleanser. This is a very gentle cleanser that can be used on all skin types and hydrates the skin. I love using during the colder months and I have found that it is just as effective during the summer months. Secondly, although it is very gentle, it contains micro-beads which aid in gently exfoliating the skin. The beads are round and not course so there’s less friction and you’re less likely to get a reaction from it (for my highly sensitive skin readers). Thirdly, it is both a daytime and nighttime cleanser. It contains a skin brightening (not whitening) complex that over time, will give you a radiant, evenly toned skin.Katie-Holmes-Olay-Global-Ambassador_Olay-Regenerist-Luminous-Brightening-Cream-Cleanser.jpg
  2. OLAY® REGENERIST® MICRO-SCULPTING CREAM WITH SUNSCREEN BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 30Ever since I received this product at the last Face Flawless Skin Clinic this spring, this has pretty much been the only daytime moisturizer I’ve been using. It’s extremely lightweight and provides the optimal level of sun protection without leaving the slight grey overcast that is sometimes a problem when you have darker skin. What this also means is that you can wear this alone or under your makeup without changing the tone of your foundation. After doing a little research, I found that this moisturizer can be applied every two hours so I carry this in my bag on days when I am going makeup free or on days when I’m using a very light skin tint like the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint which deposits very sheer almost undetectable wash of color so when this moisturizer is reapplied it doesn’t disturb the product I already have on while providing me with sun protection all day long. I will say that when reapplying over a skin tint, make sure to tap the moisturizer in your skin. Because of the lightweight texture it spreads pretty easily.



This is probably my favorite product from Olay®. It’s a highly effective skin treatment corrects skin tone, exfoliates the skin surface and penetrates 10 surface layers deep. At first I was a little scared to use it (and honestly I don’t know why – I mean I use glycolic acid like every other day). This treatment is as effective as using glycolic treatments and can be used twice a day. I used it consistently for 4 weeks and saw improvements on the number of dark spots that I had and I also noticed that my skin was visibly brighter and smoother. As a daytime treatment it smoothens the skin and essentially preps it for moisturizer. In the evening it is perfect for layering under your favorite night cream and when you wake up you will notice that your skin is softer to the touch and hydrated.


With all this being said, I highly recommend the Olay® Regenerist® line not just as drugstore favorite, but as a skin care line that is highly effective and actually does what it claims. Have you tried any products from the Olay® Regenerist® line? What are your thoughts? Do you have any favorites? Sound off in the comment section below. Until next time, always remember to SEE. TOUCH. TASTE.


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