Benefit Cosmetics Takes Their Over-Arching Theme to New Heights

When it comes to eyebrows, Benefit Cosmetics is pretty much the leader of the pack. Now they have relaunched their brow collection by revamping their packaging and adding new products to their line. Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of Benefit Cosmetics when it comes to brows. I used to go to the Brow Bar religiously every month for their waxing service. But back to this exciting re-launch. First, let’s look at the original packaging for some of their products.

One of the things that you notice is that for the most part the outer packaging featured an image of the actual product. This was very important because it allowed the customer to see the product features without having to open the package – something that is especially important in the event that a tester is not available at the retailer.

Next, they amped up the entire collection. The original collection featured about 5 products. The collection featured highlighting, color, and setting products. At the time there were about 2-3 options for each product. Since the original launch the world of brows has changed dramatically. I dare say shaping and defining brows have become as crucial to the makeup wearer’s routine as much as choosing  the right foundation or contour palette. It’s all about understanding tone. Basically, they created warm and cool tones for each color family. The latest trend in brows is not just about shaping but it is also about highlighting, contouring, setting and priming your brows to achieve a polished look. One of the ways to attract new customers to this is by updating your packaging making them feel that the product is new and innovative while still keeping true to the brand’s identity. Benefit Cosmetics has always been associated with the fun. California, cute as a button kind of girl next door with a hint of glam. Their new packaging reflects all of that. One of elements that they kept were the two pink colors that are consistent on their new and old packaging. The two custom pink colors are synonymous with the brand so it made perfect sense to keep them. To update the packaging they changed the font slightly so that the product names were bolder, catching the eye of the customer. They kept the logo consistent which is important so that it would still be recognizable to their loyal customer.

They expanded the shade range for the following products in the brow color collection and added some new products. Previously, their were only shades for some of the products. This is important because they realized that there’s more to brow color than light, medium and dark. Within those three colors, there are light and dark tones and it also eliminates the need to blend two colors to achieve optimal results. The products with the extended shades are:

Here are rest of the additional new products that were added to the line  to achieve the perfect brow:

Lastly, they reformulated some of the products most noticeably the high brow highlighter (available in two options – matte and luminous finishes) ultimately improving the application and the finished results.

They could have stopped right there, but they also included maintenance tools.

Now came the task of presenting this re-launch in a way that was educational, informative and consistent with the brand without becoming overwhelming to the customer. I tell you it’s all about merchandising. This display was effective because it featured every product in the collection (minus the tools) with information on what each product did and great visuals that did not overwhelm the customers. Effective marketing at it’s finest. The images are strong and they showed dramatic results that would persuade loyal and new customers to purchase.


Benefit also found a way to include these products as part of their brand display. They placed the collection at eye level with impactful imagery and product placement so that if a customer actually came in to purchase a product that was not part of the brow collection the customer might stop to see what was so new about this brow collection. This particular setup could potentially get a new customer who runs to try other products that the brand offers, whereby inducing a double sale.

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I imagine that this re-launch could give the brand not only a boost in sales, but the brand has now identified itself as the authority in the brow category…watch out Anastasia!

Have you tried any products from the new Benefit Cosmetics Brow Collection? What do you think about this re-launch?






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