Face Flawless Skin: The Second Coming


Oh you gals! I know I had promised that I would have this post up on Sunday, but girl…I had to get my life together. This Face Flawless Skin event was I dare say better than the last one. Packed with new information and the reinforcement of some tips that were shared from the first event it was by far one of the most educational events I have attended about skin care – like ever. Now just because you probably weren’t able to attend doesn’t mean you missed out. We were privileged to have some of the leading brands in the beauty industry share their knowledge with us. We received skincare and beauty tips from heavy hitters like Becca, Mario Badescu, and Cocotique. Newer beauty and beauty retailer brands like Gold Label Cosmetics and Vivrant Beauty were also in attendance. So unless you’ve been living under a rock (or not stalking my Instagram feed, or like some skin care snob who thinks they know everything) these brands are tried and true. The trio that brings all of this together is none other than the three most trusted influencers (totally my opinion, but I’m sure many would agree) when it comes to skin care for women of color  – Felicia Walker-Benson, Christene Carr and Danielle Gray. First things first – click on the links below to their site and sign up for their updates and then return to this post.

This That Beauty

Christene Carr

The Style and Beauty Doctor



Okay, now back to the event. The first part of the event focused on reinforcing some of the tips that we learned at the first event (click here and here to see my previous posts) and added some additional skin and makeup pointers that you will want to use all through the Spring (if spring ever shows up) and Summer months. The panel discussed the importance of sunscreen and how keeping a youthful appearance is more than just concentrating on your face. This is extremely important during the summer months because let’s be real – we all show a little more skin once it gets warmer outside. Many of us might be taking that beach vacation and while it’s cool that your face has a youthful appearance you have to PROTECT YA NECK! (and dec aka décolletage). That’s right ladies, take that sunscreen all the way down and on your arms and basically anywhere that will be exposed to sunlight. I know sometimes as women of color we are a little hesitant to use a skin care product with a high concentration of SPF however, there has been advancement and you can pretty much find a product that doesn’t leave you ashy or give you that gray overcast which means we no longer have to be afraid of SPF 50. Here’s a tip though – try to stay away from aerosol formulas. The reason for that is because you should avoid inhaling the harsh chemicals that are usually found in aerosol formulas. I mean you’ll look good on the outside but literally ruining your body on the inside. Another juicy tip that I learned about sunscreen that there’s no real reason to go above SPF 50.


One of the most informational segments was dedicated to adult acne. As we age the acne that women may experience will need to be treated differently than the acne we had as a teenager. We talked about the differences between what we use to treat cystic vs. hormonal acne and what active ingredients you should look for in the products you are using to treat your type of acne based on your skin type. We discussed different skin care regimens and how to tailor our regimens to treat our skin concerns. There was also a segment dedicated to a topic that you know I am always talking about on this blog – hyperpigmentation. We discussed the ingredients that could aid in correcting this skin care concern and what other options are available for women of color that are effective.

Of course there’s always a glam moment to the event and that was effectively handled by one of my favorite brands, Becca. The focus was on color-correcting and learning how to do it effectively to achieve a natural, even-toned complexion. The product that was discussed was the Becca Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector.

For me, my favorite segment of the event was the one where we discussed Botox and fillers. There’s so much more to it than I thought. I mean I have always said that I was open to these types of procedures, but never knew much about it. It was like all of my questions were answered. I might not be there yet, but if I do decide to get the needle, I feel a little more comfortable. I could try to go into it a bit more, but the gals at Face Flawless Skin had us covered. They brought in one of the premiere UES plastic surgeons, Dr. Dara Liotta to answer some of our burning questions. Thinking about going under the knife or maybe just want to see how you can achieve a more youthful appearance? Click here to visit Dr. Liotta’s site.

Finally, there was a gift bag. I will be going through it and sharing my favorite products over the course of the next two weeks or so. For a complete list of all of the topics that were discussed during the event click here. Keep checking back as I share the knowledge I was able to gather from this event and as always, remember to SEE. TOUCH. TASTE.



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