Come Correct: Becca’s Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector

Let’s be honest – color correcting is not a new trend in makeup. MUAs have been using this theory forever. Now, makeup brands are focusing in on the category and in my opinion one brand has actually nailed it.

As you probably already know, I love Becca. They actually created a color correcting category with the concept of backlighting as the foundation. It all began with the Under Eye Brightening Corrector and the Backlight Priming Filter. These two products are essential to achieve that natural glow look that has become synonymous with the Becca brand. The Under Eye Brightening Corrector was specifically formulated to brighten and even skin tone. Used in conjunction with the Backlight Priming Filter and the Ultimate Coverage Concealing Crème it brightened the eye area. Just when you thought that you had discovered the perfect combination, the brand took it one step further and addressed color correcting. While concealers and primers work, they took note that no matter your skin tone in order to create the “perfect” look certain concerns needed to be addressed. Enter Backlight Targeted Color Correctors.


Each of the color correctors target specific concerns while using light reflecting pearls s to achieve a natural glow.

Pistachio: Neutralizes redness for fair-to-medium skintones with red undertones.
Violet: Neutralizes dullness for light tan/olive skintones with yellow undertones.
Papaya: Neutralizes deep blues and greens for tan-to-deep-bronze skintones with blue undertones.
Peach: Neutralizes dark circles and hyperpigmentation for beige-to-deep bronze skin tones.

From Sephora

My two favorites are Papaya and Peach. Of course I’ve used a peach/orange concealer in the past and it has worked well, but the introduction of this Papaya color is everything that a girl could want. It’s specifically for darker skin tones. It neutralizes dark circles and evens out your skin tone, eliminating the need to use more than one shade of foundation. What’s key to achieving the results that you want is making sure that you completely buff the product into your skin before applying your foundation/concealer. I recommend using bareMinerals Blurring Buffer brush to flawlessly apply this product. It’s small enough to reach into the eye area and the densely packed bristles will give the product an airbrushed effect. If using it along the eye area it can be layered with the Under Eye Brightening Corrector before applying your foundation/concealer. What I have noticed is that I am able to skip the concealer step which is great since I am that girl on the go. Have you tried Becca’s Backlight Targeted Color Correctors?

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