Glossier Phase 1 Set: Low Maintenance Beauty for High Maintenance Girls


How did I not get this when it first launched? Actually come to think of it, I had a lot going on – but still – HOW DID I NOT GET THIS? I mean, I read Into The Gloss like all the time. Okay, I’ll stop with asking myself over and over again on how I missed this line by Into the Gloss founder Emily Weiss. In short, the site is pretty amazing. When it comes to the world of beauty, Into the Gloss is one of the best hubs for information. Want to know the secret to a certain beauty editors flawless skin? Visit Into the Gloss. So there’s a new ingredient in skincare and you want to find out more about it? Head over to Into the Gloss.

When I finally did find out that Emily had created her own skincare line and it was totally crowd sourced – I needed to know more about it. So I headed over to some of my favorite blogs to see if they had tried it and what they had to say about it. Most of the reviews that I read said that they really loved it. The products were easy to use and contained ingredients that were beneficial to all skin types. Next, I was really happy to see that they created a set that cleansed, moisturized and perfected your skin. This truly is low maintenance beauty for high maintenance gals.


The set is called the Phase 1 set. It includes these four products:

  • Milky Jelly Cleanser – contains Rosewater which is a great skin soother especially during the harsh winter months
  • Priming Moisturizer – contains Hyaluronic Acid which combats aging
  • Perfecting Skin Tint – contains Diamond Powder – a skin blurring agent
  • The Balm Dot Com – contains Rice Bran & Rosemary Leaf Extracts that combat free-radical skin damage.

I love the consistency of the Milky Jelly Cleanser. I first tried it last night because I needed to take a break from my exfoliating cleanser and needed something to soothe my skin because this cold weather has left me with a couple of dry patches. The consistency is like a fluffy serum (for lack of a better term) and you can instantly feel the calming effects while working this into the skin. I actually didn’t have on any makeup yesterday so this was great.



The Priming Moisturizer felt really great on my skin and didn’t leave any residue. This morning I decided to go for the “no makeup-makeup” look so I thought it would be a good time to try the Perfecting Skin Tint. Ladies, this is not a tinted moisturizer. It is not a foundation, it’s not a BB or a CC cream. First of all, it’s lighter than any formula I’ve ever used. It’s like tinted water. I will say this before applying this especially during the day, apply a light SPF moisturizer. If you are looking for coverage this is not the product that you want to use. This formula super, super sheer. However, the diamond powder that is infused into the formula will have your give give you a natural glow and reduces the appearance of your pores (if that is one of your major concerns). What I especially like about the Perfecting Skin Tint is that there is a shade for every skin tone from fair to deep. That is always a plus because usually with sheerer products it is often hard to find shades that work with deeper skin tones (two thumbs up Glossier team).


Lastly, the The Balm Dot Com can be used on any part of your face. This morning I used it on my lips and jaw area where I tend to get a little dry during the winter months. A little eyeliner and mascara and I was out the door. Of the four products the Perfecting Skin Tint and the Milky Jelly Cleanser are clear winners for me. These are the two items I will most likely repurchase.

The set sells for $80, however if you click here you can get 20% off of your first order, you don’t even have to buy the set. There are also some other great products you might be interested in and you can still use the discount. Overall this is worth the money and you can trust that your skin will look great with consistent use. I know it’s only been a day for me, so you know I’ll be updating you in two weeks to let you know how I feel about it probably on Twitter. By the way, are we social? You can connect with me on all my social media platforms by clicking on on (or all) of the icons to the right of this post. Until next time, always remember to SEE. TOUCH. TASTE.

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