Baublebar Has Arrived at Bloomingdales!

I repeat – BAUBLEBAR HAS ARRIVED AT BLOOMINGDALES! This is music to my ears (even though my pockets would say otherwise). That doesn’t mean that I can’t live vicariously through you. Just a little over two months ago, Baublebar opened their first retail store in New York at Roosevelt Fields. I was excited – but honestly, I’m a Manhattan girl who rarely goes out that way so the excitement wore off almost as quickly as it came. I was like…


After a rather busy day yesterday, I spent the evening scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw that Baublebar has officially launched at Bloomingdales. Sure, it’s not the first retailer they have launched in, they’re in Anthropologie as well, but this is Bloomingdales! So, I had to check it out online. When I saw the selection, I was all like…


Okay, so I know what some of you Baublebabes are thinking…”But what about my points?” Girl, please. You shop at Bloomingdales so you have a Loyalist card…don’t play with me! It’s a pretty decent selection that you can shop online or at the store. NO EXCUSES!

Want to see the entire selection? Click here.


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