About Face: Cleansing Powders

Okay ladies, it’s time to share my newest beauty obsession with you. I was a little intrigued by the not-so-new craze of cleansing/exfoliating powders. The first that I tried was the boscia Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder. I used it for about two weeks and I really didn’t see the what all the fuss was about. First of all, it added a step to my morning skincare routine. I am notoriously late (like all the time) and this was not helping. I also didn’t see any significant improvement and I used it every single day. I was dedicated. Sadly, I had to return it.

At the register, one of the cashiers recommended the Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder. I had to think about it so I went home and decided to see what the beauty community had to say about it. According to my favorite beauty bloggers and vloggers, Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder is like the holy grail of all cleansing powders. What I especially like is that this particular powder cleanses, exfoliates, and tones in just one step and is gentle enough for everyday use…huge timesaver (doesn’t mean that I’m still not late, it just means that I’m not as late so I guess that’s okay). I used this for two weeks every other day, alternating it with my usual GLAMGLOW SUPERCLEANSE™ Daily Clearing Cleanser  and wanted to see there was any significant change in my skin texture. My skin did appear smoother – like a lot smoother. My makeup application was easier and product seemed to lay better on my skin. The powder was very gentle but you know you were exfoliating. It was very creamy and easy to control the consistency of the powder by adding more or less water. Not having to use a toner was an added bonus. My skin felt hydrated and my moisturizer absorbed into my skin better. I originally bought the impulse size because I like having the option of trying out a product before I invest in it and at $15 there’s enough product two weeks of use if you are using it every other day like I did. I eventually caved and got the full size. The full size is $65 which is kind of a splurge but worth it.

On a five star rating, I would have to give this product five stars. Even at the higher price point, if you factor in that you are essentially getting three products in one you’re really getting your money’s worth.


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