The Yearly Roundup: Fashion

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. As the year comes to a close it’s time to recap the best in the five categories that are featured in the Weekly Roundup. This week I’ll be showcasing a mix of my top five brands and key items that were huge hits this year. So grab your cup of eggnog and enjoy!

Best Clothing Brand

It should come as no surprise that my pick for best clothing brand goes to none other than J. Crew. From their designer collaborations to launching their first two scents for women, they have been on a tear this year. Here are my favorite items and collaborations from this year. Click on the links below to be taken to the products.

Best Designer Collaboration: Lulu Frost

Best Denim: High Rise Skinny

Best Footwear Trend: Vintage Sneakers (Nike, New Balance, Vans)

Best Fashion Trend: The Jeweled top

The reason why I love this brand so much is also because they have AMAZING sales. It’s the best place to go to to get that “it” outfit for a fraction of the original price. Right now, you can take an additional 40% off the sale price. Hey, if you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas, that should make you feel a whole lot better.

Best Jewelry Retailer

Again, no surprise here. My pick for this year is Baublebar. Always on trend and always at the right price. Again, two things that I love. There are countless ways how this retailer took the accessory trend to new heights that I would have to write a separate post just to attempt to cover it. But this is about what I thought they did best this year. This year they really excelled with their Guest Bartender and Featured Shops categories and really capitalized on one of this years biggest jewelry trends – the ear cuff. Below are my favorite items in the above mentioned categories. Click the links below to shop.

Best Guest Bartender: Emma Roberts

Best Featured Shop: Baublebar x Salvador Perez

Best Jewelry Trend: Earcuffs

Best New Workwear Trend

Luckily, I’ve always worked in a creative environment which allows me to fully wear this trend. What trend am I talking about? It’s the dressy sweat pant. I know for most of us, this could be a tricky thing to wear, I mean how does one wear it in a professional office without looking like they’re heading to the gym. Well it’s all about how you wear it. First of all, the sweat pant needs to be slim fitting and should have a sophisticated edge to it like a tuxedo stripe or a skinny leg. It should never be to heavy as it would suggest loungewear. Another factor is also to get the sweat pant look using suiting material such as wool or twill. This year one brand hit this right on the head and nailed it. Which brand? J.Crew (clearly, I love this brand). They really know how to tailor this rather sporty trend to the workplace. If you’re still stumped on how to wear this trend, you might want to pair it up with one of the jeweled tops that I referenced above and classic pumps or booties. Here are some of my favorites. Click the links below to shop.

Skinny Twill Sweatpants

Merino Wool Sweatpant

Drapey Wool Sweatpant in Pinstripe

The Must Have Bag

When it comes to bags, this year Michael Kors was the designer of the year in my opinion. The best bag shape was undoubtedly the Selma. A perfect shape that is both classic and modern. I love how the brand incorporated them into various sizes ranging from small to large. And they’re affordable! Yes ladies, affordable on practically any budget. This shape is also so versatile that it can be worn easily from day to night. In case you didn’t get yourself a gift this holiday season, this might be the one you’ve been waiting for. Click the link below to begin shopping.

Michael Kors Selma handbags

Best Fashion Accessory

When it comes to fashion accessories, eyeglasses were a big hit this year. I actually have a need to wear prescription lenses and I also like to pair them with my outfits. We all know about Warby Parker which kind of started the whole trend, opening it’s first brick & mortar store in Soho last year. Now there’s another brand who has set up shop at various Urban Outfitters locations right here in NYC. The brand – Tortoise & Blonde. I spoke of this brand in a previous post (click here ICYMI). Here’s where it gets really good – now through the end of the year select styles are on sale starting at $50 (including prescription) and can be delivered to you within three business days. Want to see their full collection? Click the link below to be taken directly to the site to view all of the styles.

Tortoise & Blonde

Check back tomorrow for my Yearly Roundup: Beauty

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