About Face: Not by the Hair of Your Chinny Chin Chin

Let’s talk about that thing we as ladies don’t like to talk about. Come on, we’ve all been through it. You do your skincare routine and your about to do your makeup and get ready for the day. As you look into your magnifying mirror, you notice it. Is that a hair? On my chin? You gasp – search frantically for your Tweezerman and go mad, tweezing that one lone hair – or so you thought. You have just discovered three additional hairs that have sprouted within seconds. DON’T PANIC! We all at some point in our lives will go through this. I scheduled weekly visits to the benefit brow bar at Bloomingdale’s even if I didn’t see any hairs so that they could wax my lip, chin and sides of my face. Then I noticed that my bank account was getting a little thin. I mean, at $70 a visit (including tip), this was getting really expensive. I wanted to stop, but I also didn’t want to walk around with a full grown beard. You know that myth that tweezing your facial hair makes it grow back quicker and thicker? Well in my case, it wasn’t a myth. I saw it happening before my very eyes. I was distraught. Yes, I am getting older and they say that these things happen as you age but I never thought it would happen to me. Alas, I found myself wandering into Sephora (no surprise there) and went to the bliss section. I had used fuzz off a few times and it worked, but only on my upper lip which really wasn’t my problem area. It was my chin – it was scary (okay, I might be exaggerating, and it might be because I use a 10x magnification mirror when I inspect my face) but the point of the matter is that the hairs were there. Then I saw it. It was like light from heaven, I heard angels singing and I think one of them was playing the harp. Lo and behold, I picked up a box of bliss Poetic Waxing Kit. I actually didn’t have high hopes for this, but I decided that I would give it a try. If it didn’t meet my expectations I could always return it for a full refund.

Now I’m not that comfortable showing you my before or after pictures (I have to work up the courage to do that) but I will tell you this. THIS STUFF WORKS! It took some time to heat this up in the microwave (about 5 minutes at 30-second intervals) but it was definitely worth it. The wax dries quickly and if you follow the directions you should have no problems at all. Here’s a picture so that you can see what’s included in the kit. If you ask me, it’s worth the $48 and I’ve only had to use it once in the past two weeks and I have not seen any hairs sprout. Praise be to Jesus! I guess I won’t be returning this. Because I only use this on my chin (though you can use it to wax your brows, upper lip and body) I will be able to use this at least five to seven times before having to buy a refill (click here to purchase refills) . Below is a picture of what is included in the kit. My vote – totally worth the investment.

Poetic Waxing

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