The Weekly Roundup Holiday Edition #4: Instant Gifts

Less than a week before Christmas…eeek! There’s still a few people on your list that you either forgot or haven’t had the chance to pick up a gift for. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Okay, okay, you’re probably pressed for time, so I’m just going to spit these out and you’re going to have to make a run for it.

They love fashion:

I’ve already posted this on my Facebook page, but posting it again here won’t hurt. Every girl loves jewelry, and of course I would send you to my favorite online jewelry retailer, Baublebar. Click here and get her a gift card to shop for baubles.

They’re really into beauty:

They love the skin they’re in. Yes, they want to keep that healthy glow all year long. So naturally, a gift card to Sephora seems ideal. Click here and have one instantaneously sent to them. Buy an e-gift card for them and receive $5 in your Google Wallet. Yep, you can do this while still in your pajamas.

They’ll dance until the music stops:

Now this one is easy. They’re a music lover so naturally a gift card for free tunes would be a welcome gift. Click here to purchase and have it sent to them via e-mail.

They’re the biggest food critic you know:

They’ll try just about anything once – at least when it comes to food. All year they’ve been dragging you to restaurant after restaurant and you’ve tasted everything from escargot to rabbit. They watch every food channel and know several recipes from world-renowned chefs. Dinner gift certificate? Yes, and Open Table has you covered. Click here to be taken to the website and purchase a gift certificate for your food aficionado.

They love a good show:

I didn’t even know that these existed, but apparently you can buy gift certificates for your theater buff to be used towards any on/off Broadway show. Well looks like I’ve got my mom covered. Click here to purchase.


Okay, told you I had you covered. Now go out there and shop with pride (even if it’s from your sofa).

This holiday, I’m putting it on you to make sure that everyone gets the chance to SEE. TOUCH. TASTE.

Happy Holidays!!!

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