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Hey guys! It’s that time again for The Weekly Roundup (a little late I know, but hey – I was a little busy). Well lets get right into it. This week I’m covering all five topics.

In Fashion

No matter how tall you are, just about every woman craves long legs. We wear those 4-inch heels and skinny pants in an attempt to achieve this. Despite what anyone says, most women want to appear slim. Slim – not skinny. There’s a difference. Enter the newest trend to give you those long legs we’ve all been coveting. It’s the fall trend that once again makes what was once old new again.  In the 70s and 80s high rise pants were all the rave. Think Brooke Shields, Farrah Fawcett, and Pam Grier. These women defined the leggy woman who could stop traffic with her strut. While flares were all any woman would wear at that time, now our most popular style pant/jean – the skinny has now been combined with a higher rise. It’s a good look, slimming, sophisticated and works perfectly with crop tops – another big trend for the season. Here are some of the best (and affordable) picks for hi-rise jeans.

From top to left to right:

DSTLD Jeans High Waisted Skinny Jeans – $65


In Beauty

I’ve recently decided to try facial cleansing oils. I was a little skeptical because as someone with large pores and slightly oily skin, I thought that cleansing oils wouldn’t be right for my type of skin. But after doing some pretty extensive research I thought I’d give it a try. I didn’t want to make a big investment because this could go completely wrong and then I would be stuck with all this unused product. Fortunately, Sephora is carrying a set from Josie Maran that is a trial set containing a facial cleansing oil, argan oil and, a facial moisturizer that contains SPF. Previously, I had only used Josie Moran products for my hair, specifically the Argan oil. The cost of this mini trio is reasonable – only $24 for three products (click here to go to the product). For this post I will only be providing a review of the Argan cleansing oil. As per the directions, I applied the cleanser to my dry face. The formula is very thick, almost like rubbing honey on your face. I have to admit, I didn’t like it and I didn’t think that this would work. Next, I applied a little water and rubbed it into my face and the formula began to thin out. I washed my face using my Clarisonic Mia. Please note, don’t expect ANY foaming with this cleanser. After rinsing my face, I did find that it felt smoother and I was surprised that it did not feel greasy. I then resumed my regular routine (toner, serum) and used the moisturizer that came in the set. I used it in the morning so the SPF 47 moisturizer was appropriate. In my opinion, this is not a cleanser that I would use for my nighttime routine. I would use it in the morning, because it will give you that healthy glow. If I were to give it a star rating, this cleanser would get about 3.5 stars. Not bad, but it didn’t wow me.


In Music

I’ve been in a pop music sort of mood lately. I recently heard Fireball by Pitbull featuring John Ryan. It quickly became my newest dance track. It also doesn’t hurt that my name is mentioned in the song (wink). There’s a Latin vibe that will definitely have you moving your hips from side to side. C’mon listen to this and tell me that you’re not the very least wanting to do a little salsa.

In Movies

This weekend, I spent some time with my very pregnant sister. We decided that it was an old movie kind of week and started browsing through Netflix. We came upon an old Robert Redford movie that neither of us had seen, much less heard of (shocker). The name of the movie is This Property is Condemned. It co-stars Natalie Wood, Charles Bronson, and Hazel Star. Based on the play of the same name by Tennessee Williams (A Streetcar Named Desire), written for the screen by Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather Trilogy), and directed by Sydney Pollock (Out of Africa and The Way We Were), it tells the story of Owen Legate (Redford) a railroad official sent to  layoff a bunch of the rail workers, and Alva Starr (Wood),  a beautiful, promiscuous, and delusional young woman in depression-era Dodson, Tennessee. Of all the characters, Redford is my favorite. He is straight-forward, focused on the job that he was sent to do and not easily fooled by Wood’s character. She is a woman who really does not know herself and uses her promiscuity as a disguise for her insecurities. In the end Alva and Owen seem to find love only to be destroyed by Alva’s constant deception which leads to her tragic ending. If you have the chance, it is a movie worth watching as this is a situation that is so prevalent today.


In Food

Yesterday, I had a few errands to run in the city, and while downtown I stopped at one of my favorite places to eat and grocery shop – Eataly. I wanted to try something a little different, so instead of one of the many pasta dishes, I decided to grab a bite to eat at their seafood specialty restaurant Il Pesce. It was relatively early so I decided on something light. I ordered the Crudo Trio from their specials of the day menu and the Beets with Champagne Vinegar and Tarragon as a side dish. The Crudo Trio consisted of four pieces of raw fish:

  • Pink Snapper with Seabeans and Watermelon Radish (two pieces)
  • Swordfish Belly with Lemon Mayer Salt
  • Big Eye Tuna with Tiger Figs

Of the three types of fish, Swordfish Belly with Lemon Mayer Salt was my favorite. The meatier consistency of the swordfish belly with the Mayer Lemon Salt was a very simple compliment, but gave the fish a distinct flavor. They used lemon zest as a topping, which gave it added a pleasant aroma. My next favorite was the Pink Snapper with Seabeans and Watermelon Radish. This was more like sushi. The seabeans and watermelon radish added just the right amount of crunch. My least favorite to my surprise was the Big Eye Tuna with Tiger Figs. While the presentation of the fish was beautiful, I expected the figs to add a bit of sweetness to the fish, or at the very least a fruitier flavor. It felt like something was missing. If I was preparing this, I would have added some sea salt and possibly grilled the figs so that the natural sweetness would be more evident,  Three cheers for the Beets in Champagne Vinegar with Tarragon. Perfectly cubed and tender, the champagne vinegar added a fruity flavor. I was surprised because I rarely prepare beets, but I think this is a vegetable that I will definitely purchase more often.


Well then, hope you are enjoying the long weekend and stay tuned for this week’s post. Hopefully, I will get it done in time. Remember always to SEE. TOUCH. TASTE.

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