Beauty Review: dr. brandt pores no more cleanser

As promised, today I am going to review one of the products I chose on my last visit to Birchbox. For some time now, I have wanted to try the dr. brandt skin care. I researched the product several times, but decided against buying anything in the line because as a former employee in the beauty industry, I had so many skincare products that it was starting to take over my bathroom. But on my last visit to Birchbox, the pores no more cleanser was available, so I added it to my box. I used the product for two straight weeks (in the morning only). Below is my review of the product.



Texture: It was very creamy and had a rich lather. I usually like cleansers that have an exfoliating component, like microbeads, but this didn’t. After cleansing my face did however feel clean

After-effect: There are times when you use a cleanser and after washing it off, your face instantly feels dry and parched. That was not the case with this cleanser.  My face felt soft, my skin appeared brighter, and after two weeks of continued use, my pores appeared smaller (that last part is a big win for me, as I am somewhat pore obsessed).  I also noticed that my skin appeared to have a glow that wasn’t oily. This was also a big plus for me because as a person with large pores, my skin produces a lot of oil. But throughout the day, I noticed that my skin maintained this healthy glow without me having to use my Cover FX Blotting Powder more than once throughout the day. Just note that there is really no way to shrink pores, but you can change the appearance of them if you use a product that contains skin-firming and exfoliating ingredients such as salicylic acid.

Cost: $35 for 3.5 oz. size In my opinion, this is pretty standard for a prestige level cleanser.  If used twice a day (although I would recommend using this only in the A.M. and a vitamin-rich cleanser in the P.M.) this can last for up to a month. If used 1x a day as I did, it can last up to two months. You don’t need a lot and as I mentioned, it is a cleanser with a rich lather, so a little goes a long way. I got the 1 oz. travel size from Birchbox and after using it 1x a day for two full weeks, there is still plenty left in the tube.

Tip: To maximize the effect of this product, you can use this with your favorite skin cleansing brush. Here are some options:


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