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What a week this has been.  With NYFW in full swing and all the happenings around town, it really was a week for the books.  I was extremely busy this week running around to fashion shows, going to see live performances, finding new cuisine to enjoy and buckling down on work. Today is a post that takes all of my passions combines them in a post that I hope all of you will enjoy.

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of seeing Banks perform at Rough Trade NYC. Over the past three months I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that I am in love with this artist.  It’s like the Weeknd and Erykah Badu had a baby. The beats to all of her songs are sick. A perfectly collection of music that will regularly be on my playlist, I can’t even really put into words how lyrically gifted she is.  In an industry that has now resorted to sampling from older artist, she is a breath of fresh air.  Her beats original, her lyrics are amazing and she her music resonates with anyone who has a love for music.  Although, I had already downloaded all of her songs, I still bought the LP so that she could autograph it. She performed four songs from her album. Her live performance – PERFECT! I dare say that for two of the tracks that she performed, she actually sounded better live.  If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Banks and you are a music lover, you need to GET YOUR LIFE! But because I love my readers so much and want you to make your own decisions when it comes to things I suggest, I’ve included links to all of her tracks.  My favorites (and in this order) are: Warm Water, Bedroom Wall, Begging For Thread, Someone New, F*ck ‘Em Only We Know and Stick. Below is a complete track listing with links to the full songs.

1.  Alibi

2.  Goddess

3.  Waiting Game

4.  Brain

5.  This is What It Feels Like

6.  You Should Know Where I’m Coming From

7.  Stick

8.  F*ck ‘Em Only We Know

9.  Drowning

10. Beggin For Thread

11.  Change

12.  Someone New

13.  Warm Water

14. Under The Table

15.  And I Drove You Crazy

16.  Fall Over

17.  Before I Ever Met You

18.  Bedroom Wall


I had to add this pick of my signed LP.  Though I’ll never actually play it, this can be added to my collection.




Last weekend, I was downtown and visited a really interesting restaurant called Taka Taka. The theme of the restaurant is Mexican Sushi and Japanese Tacos. At first I was like – HUH? But when I’m a little baffled by something, I always want to find out more.  I don’t stray too much from what I’m comfortable with but I will always try something that is a unique twist on something that I am familiar with.  I decided to go with the Guacamole Tuna Tataki. It’s basically guacamole with tuna tartar. I was really interested in how the tuna tartar would affect the taste of the guacamole.  I was actually surprised.  The tuna combined with the serrano chile pepper gave the dish a unique tangy/spicy taste. The presentation wasn’t all that great and I’m not sure if I would add this to my list of places that I would definitely revisit, but I love guacamole and I think this is a dish that I could create at home when I throw my next get together.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 3.27.08 PM


Fashion Week marks the start of the new season. In fact no one says it better than Carrie Bradshaw.



It marks the start of the season, and one of the the most highly anticipated designer collaborations.  Altuzurra for Target launching on September 14.  There’s really nothing else to say, other than WAY TO GO TARGET! I’m just going to let you browse the Lookbook, but here are my favorite items from this swoon-worthy collaboration.





item7.rendition.slideshowVertical.Altuzarra-for-Target-Look-7 item48.rendition.slideshowVertical.altuzarra-target11-Sweatshirt_OrchidPrint item13.rendition.slideshowVertical.Altuzarra-for-Target-Look-13


Last but not least, I’ll share with you one of my favorite beauty products.  This product has literally been a life saver for my skin.  In my quest to go foundation free everyday and at the recommendation of none other than This That Beauty, Lancome’s Dream Tone is one of the few beauty products that does exactly what it claims to do in the time that the product claims to produce results.  This powerful skintone correcting serum targets imperfections and leaves skin looking flawless. Dark spots and blemishes will appear diminished, color imperfections and redness will be reduced, and the look of sallowness will be replaced by a warm, peachy glow. Overall, skin will look smooth, beautiful, and healthy. It might be a little pricey, but your skin is worth it. What I especially love about this product is that it comes in three formulas, each formula is targeted for a specific skin tone.  I use #3 which is for the darkest skin tone and it has helped me tremendously with my hyper pigmentation (no more filters on Instagram). At $98 it’s worth it because your worth it.  Want to find out more about this amazing product? Click here.

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