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Insta-Closet: Kenneth Cole Launches Instagram Shopping

You wake up in the morning – the first thing you do is check your phone for any messages.  You make a cup of coffee and while browsing social media networks for the latest news.  A friend posts a funny picture on Facebook and you instinctively hit “Like”. You share with the world your power breakfast on Instagram. You send your first work email from your phone before you leave your apartment.  You get to the train station and you realize that you’ve left your phone on the kitchen table. You run back because God forbid you’re without it.  Technology has become our lifeline. Crazy as it may sound, it’s true. It controls just about everything we do in our daily lives.  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In a world where every part of our daily lives relies heavily on technology, it’s no surprise that fashion brands are now turning to technology to boost their brands.  One such brand to do this in a unique and creative way is Kenneth Cole.  With their newly launched Insta-Shop, the brand is now offering their social media followers to browse the latest fashion trends and shop directly from their Instagram feed (click here) . This month the shop features their Pant Guide. This is how it works:

Go to the Instagram Shop @kennethcole_instashop

  • Tap a photo
  • Click the tag
  • Shop the link

Stumped on how to accessorize your outfit? The Kenneth Cole social media team has you covered.  The brand has also launched an Accessory shop that offers accessories that go perfectly with any of the looks featured in the main shop.  You can literally put together an entire outfit, purchase, and have it shipped to you within minutes.  I don’t know about you, but this girl loves that – FASHION ON THE FLY. Here are just some of the looks that are featured on the shop.


Allison Pant

The Slim Fit Alison Pant – $118

Brooke Pant

The Brooke Relaxed Fit Pant – $128


buckle boot

Gaki Leather Pointy-Toe Buckled Boot – $275

strappy sandals

Ivy Leather Ankle Strap Heel – $200


Otto Polished Leather Lug-Sole Bootie – $225

If you’re not already following Kenneth Cole on Instagram, you need to do this now! (@kcinstashop_accessories & kennethcole_instashop) Don’t forget to visit the Kenneth Cole Instashop profile regularly to see upcoming shops! Happy shopping!

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