Happy Friday! This week just flew by! And Spring is here! I should probably take it down a notch with all of the exclamation points, but I’m really excited!  Of course this week was a good one. Lately, I’ve really been into discovering new music. Well, not necessarily new – just new to me. I’ve also officially converted my closet to represent the Spring season. Yay! I’ve also been watching some pretty good movies and just having a great time. There’s so much I have to share, but I know your time is precious, so here are the five things that made my list this week.


In Music

On Wednesday evenings, I usually find myself listening to new music on Pandora. Why Wednesday evenings, you might ask? Well, nothing really comes on televisions on Wednesdays, so I find myself either reading or listening to music until I fall asleep. So I decided to create a new station based on one of my favorite artists Emeli Sande.  About four songs in, a song by an artist that I never heard of before – Labrinth came on featuring Emeli Sande.  By the end of the first verse, I had to find and dowload this song. It’s now on repeat ever since Wednesday. The combination of their voices is so beautiful. I also fell in love with the title – Beneath Your Beautiful.


This week I also found myself watching several indie and foreign films.  Of the three that I watched this week, my favorite was Trance, a thriller that was so good, I had to watch it twice.  The movie stars James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel and Rosario Dawson. The movie opens with a London auction house being robbed at gunpoint. Assistant auctioneer Simon (James McAvoy) is tasked with taking the auction’s most valuable item — Francisco Goya’s 1798 masterpiece “Witches in the Air” — to safety. On his way to the auction house’s basement vault, Simon is intercepted by head robber Franck (Vincent Cassel). Franck knocks Simon unconscious and grabs the painting — or, rather, what he believes to be the painting. Once inside the getaway car, he discovers that the canvas has been cut from its frame. And then everything gets crazy. What I like about the film is that although it moves very quickly, it is easy to follow. Don’t try to figure out what happens next – just watch. I have to say, it was an unexpected ending.  Watch the trailer below.  Oh, and Emeli Sande sings the theme song for this movie.  Listen to it here.



In Food

Ever since moving into my new apartment, I’ve been obsessed with creating new and interesting dishes in my kitchen.  My Pinterest board For Foodies. I created this extremely tasty (and might I also add healthy) eggplant stack.  It’s perfect dinner with a glass of white wine.  Visit my Pinterest profile for even more delicious recipes. Click here.

In Beauty

Spring is here and I’m all over the makeup looks that are featured in the movie Divergent, which premieres today. Sephora of course is all over it and they’ve created a perfect palette to get that sunkissed glow.  This palette features three blendable eyeshadows, blush, bronzer, and a high shine lipgloss that will work with just about any complexion.

In Fashion

Oversized jewelry…yeah, you know I love it. Baublebar has updated some of there most beloved styles and one of my favorites have just received an update.  I already own the Primary Aztec Drops and now they’ve been given an update.  I’m obsessed with this pastel version completely upgraded with a sunburst of saturated crystals. Let me just add this to my list of wants. Click the image to be taken directly to these beauties.

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