Fashion News: Karl Lagerfeld to design a capsule for…you’d never guess…

Could it be?  Just when you thought that Karl Lagerfeld would start slowing down especially with designing for fashion houses such as Chanel and Fendi, being a photographer and designing for his own brand K Karl Lagerfeld , not to mention being one of the biggest fashion personalities, he surprises us yet again. If the rumors are true (and it looks like it is), Mr. Lagerfeld will be designing a capsule collection ranging from denim to gowns for the biggest store on earth…yes Macy’s.

Apparently, this is not Mr. Lagerfeld’s first attempt at designing pieces at a more pocket-friendly price point. In 2004 he did a collection for H&M (I didn’t even know that) and it did quite well.  Macy’s will definitely capture a wider audience as they have more stores in the US than H&M and will cover a multitude of looks (so they say).

When can you expect to snag some Lagerfeld swag? Word on the street is September 2011? Mark your calendar’s ladies and I will be closely monitoring any new developments.  Remember you heard it hear first!

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