Holiday Makeup: Precious Metals

End of the year already.  Yes for those of us who live further north, you know it’s here, the cold weather, the snow is on it’s way, the holiday sale, party dresses…girls we love it.  Why not have fun with your  makeup. Play up your eyes with metallics this holiday season. The key is knowing where in the spectrum of each color you choose to create great make up looks.


Have fun with this color.  If you have fair skin go with a slightly pinker metallic, it will be easier to control the density so as to go from a soft shimmer during the day or pair with bold liner for a night on the town


If you have a darker complexion go for a deeper shade one that leans more towards bronze. Blend a lighter shade close to the brow bone and mascara for glamorous effect.


Start with a lighter shade on the inside corners to open up the eyes and blend with a slightly darker shade at the corners and line the inner rims. Use a smudge brush to create a sexy look.

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