Finally…a scar lightening cream that really works

What good is it if you have all the fashion but don’t feel beautiful inside an out. While I have showered you with up to the minute fashion trends, what good is it if I don’t give you the rest of the picture with beauty trends? Let’s face it all of us want flawless skin or at least something very close to flawless. Remember this ladies…your skin will only do what you enable it to do, so if you’ve been neglecting your skin up until now it will probably take longer to reverse all of the years of neglect. I for one have had problematic skin since I became a teenager. Luckily, I never suffered from acne on my face but small nicks and bruises always left a scar. I used everything that I could afford which had little or no results or gave me an adverse reaction. Then almost 15 years later while at my beauty candy store (aka Sephora) I cam across a product that really made a difference. So I know by now you’re wondering, “Well, what is it?”It’s Kinerase Scar Healing Therapy. At first I was a little skeptical about it for two reasons: 1: It claimed that results could be seen in as little as two weeks – I have heard that before and usually what that means is you won’t see results in two weeks.2: It’s $50 for just one ounce. I thought that I would have to commit to buying a tube every couple of weeks.But then I realized two positives:1: It could be used on face and body2: If I didn’t like it I could always return it to Sephora for a full refundSo I bought it. About two weeks in, I was surprised to see that it worked on the light acne scars on my face. They had not completely disappear, but they faded to the point that I did not have to put on any foundation to cover them up. A little concealer and loose powder and I was good to go. And on days when I did my entire makeup routine my face looked close to flawless and my skin looked especially brighter than usual. And then what was even more surprising was the fact that this was not a cream but more like a serum so a little went a long way. It has a silky texture and a moisturizing effect. If you’re putting this under your makeup then it is best to wait about ten minutes before applying your makeup so that the serum has a chance to set into your skin and begin working. I think what’s also important is that you are diligent about using this twice a day. I’m no official beauty expert but this is definitely worth the money and a tube can last anywhere from four to six weeks. Not a bad price when you really think about it.Below is the link so that you can check it out for yourselves and I’d love to hear your comments about it!!!

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