Picture Perfect

My mother always said, “my dear it takes a great deal of effort to look effortless,” and for a long while I believed her until I discovered a quick and easy way to look picture perfect thanks to the five simple products. In less than fifteen minutes, your foundation can look absolutely flawless like the beautiful ladies above and what’s even better they all can be found in one place or as I like to call it the one stop beauty shop a.k.a. Sephora. After priming your face with an spf primer (so important for all skin types and skin tones all year round) use a small amount of liquid foundation (i recommend applying with your fingers), concealer (yes ladies, when using liquid foundation, apply concealer on top of your foundation), and you MUST set your makeup I recommend Caudalie Beauty Elixir, it’s refreshing and makes you feel like you’re wearing almost no make up at all and lastly to control shine finish up with a translucent powder…DONE!!!! Smile for the paparazzi 🙂

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